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Moving To A Cloud Based Email Service?

Higher productivity with 'Always On' cloud email

72% people prefer companies to communicate with them via email over any other channel. Email is the backbone of collaboration for most enterprises today. When everyone in your team depends on the email to keep things moving, an Always-on Email service is essential for running an efficient enterprise.

Assured 100% email delivery all the time

96% of execs cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communications as the main source of workplace failures! What use is a mail if it does not get delivered to its recipients? SkyConnect assures email delivery 100% of the time so you can focus on the more important business and project challenges.

Advanced email security to keep malware at bay

Email remains the primary platform for enterprise team communications - and also the #1 way malware enters your organization. 88% of businesses experience data loss and email is the main culprit Mithi recently partnered with award winning Trend Micro, the global leader in email security, in line with our continued commitment to the highest standards for email security. The tie-up especially addresses the rising menace of Phishing and Ransomware.

Ensuring dependability and scalability for rapid growth

With Mithi SkyConnect, you get a truly scalable and dependable cloud based platform which caters to your team collaboration needs. Choose a plan which suits your team size and your growth requirements and scale up as you go.

Assured 99.99% Availability and 24x7 Support

Our collaboration system never lets you down. Our robust SaaS backend served off Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures an email service which is always up and running.

Improve Productivity, Save Cost, Gain Control

With a good cloud collaboration solution like SkyConnect, your 1:1 and team productivity will soar. Save on communication & travel costs. Help people collaborate faster on tasks and initiatives. Get quick feedback and turn around on any issue.

Power up team productivity with an Integrated, Responsive and Extendable Web platform

Baya 3 is a modern and responsive web client platform, which is used to access the SkyConnect suite of productivity applications - Email, Contact Management, Calendaring, Scheduling, Task Management & Collaboration.
Baya 3 allows easy extension of functionality using APIs and out of the box plugins, thereby reducing TAT on new requirements, and putting you back in the drivers seat for quickly customizing the app for your specific needs.
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Simple, Single My Plan!

Basic Modules
Cloud Email Service
  • Carrier grade Business Email
  • Guarantees on Spam, Virus, Malware protection
  • Multi layered Security
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile access
  • Assured Availability, Mail Delivery, 24x7 Support
Cumulative Cloud Storage
  • Cumulative storage pool for the entire organisation
  • Extremely durable storage to keep data safe
  • Elastic to grow automatically with your needs
  • Individual Quota control
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
Optional Modules
Enterprise Calendar Service
  • CalDAV compliant calendar server
  • Sync across Desktop, Web and Mobile
  • Events, Meetings, Tasks
  • Reminders
  • Multiple overlapped, shared calendars
Enterprise Secure Chat/IM
  • Secure enterprise chat
  • Chat transcript archival
  • Chat policy control
  • Easy Chat history retrieval
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile access

Trusted by Leading Enterprises

"With Mithi solution ported onto the cloud now, it has become even more manageable, cost-effective and scalable to accommodate future growth."
Mr. Vishwas Pawar,
Manager, Corporate IT, Mahindra & Mahindra
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